Adel Imam falls into the trap of Ramadan repetition after the “Valentino” show – Erm News


It has been 17 days since the Ramadan 2020 series, and among the works that competed this year was “Valentino” by the leader Adel Emam, Which was slated to launch last year and has been delayed for production reasons.

Al Zaeem offers a good mix of social drama mixed with the stand-up comedy with cheerful soundtrack throughout the presentation of the events on the screen, but some faults began to emerge with the succession of the first 15 episodes of the series.

In this regard, the Egyptian critic, Tariq El-Shennawi, explained his opinion on the series, in a special statement to “Erm News,” noting that the leader relies in his series on addressing the Egyptian family, especially parents, and not the youth, what makes him lose the advantage of contemporary and renewal.

Al-Shennawi added: “The series is good and cheerful, and the happiness of the viewers touched it during follow-up, but if we analyze the ages of the viewers, we will find that most of them are more than 40 years, and the younger ones do not prefer to follow this kind of drama that Adel Imam is used to present.”

The series did not escape accusations of repetition after the end of the first 16 episodes, and many of the followers of the work confirmed that the director Rami Imam follows the same style in all the leader’s series and does not seek renewal.


Here, Tariq Al-Shennawi emphasized: “The idea of ​​providing soundtracks during the presentation of events throughout the episodes is not preferred by many followers, as the majority find music in the background a little annoying and should be eliminated in the series of Adel Imam.”

He concluded: “I trust Rami Imam’s ability to renew during his upcoming work, even if the cooperation between him and his father, the leader, is repeated, and there will be a new way to bring Adel Imam back to prominence as usual.”

Many compared the series “Valentino” to the previous work of the leader, such as “His Excellency” and “The Fortune Teller”, and other series that were characterized by the same style of narrating events and comical situations.

It seems that the way the events are serialized in Adel Imam fixed series does not change, even with the change of the author, as the leader was cooperating with the author Yusef Maati, and this year he came up with a scenario for Ayman Bahjat Qamar, although the difference between the past years’ drama and this year’s drama was not clear.


For her part, film critic Magda Khairallah commented, in a special statement to “Erm News,” saying: “Adel Imam presents his own drama, which was called the drama of the leader, not presented by anyone else, this type of series attracts a certain category of the audience, and the form will not change With the change of the author, but rather the change of the director, and the leader has always cooperated with his son for almost 6 years, he does not leave him, and this is why there are some similarities in the general form of the series and not the content. ”

And she added: “Sometimes, the artist is required to change the content, form, content, story, openness to new ideas and new blood pumping, especially in the age of technology and rapid changes.”

Khairallah continued: “In the last century, we used to find fixed duets that do not change in many movies and series, but now, the viewer has become bored and angry, and even comedy has become difficult, so it was necessary to renew in order for the work to be admired by the audience.”

“Valentino” starring Leader Adel Imam, along with a constellation of stars, most notably the Egyptian artist Dalal Abdel Aziz, her citizen Dalia Al-Beheiri and the young stars Mohamed Kilani, Hoda Al-Mufti, Hamdi Al-Merghani and comedians Suleiman Eid and others.

The events of “Valentino” revolve around a businessman who owns an international school group named “Noor Abdul Majeed Valentino”, whose character is Adel Imam, who is facing problems and crises faced by the series of schools he owns, in addition to entering into emotional stories, which was written by Ayman Bahjat Qamar, directed by The leader’s son, Rami Imam.


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