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“Adam’s Children” is on an upward track that maintains the enthusiasm of the breathtaking game. The Ramadan race is in its final week, and the series has not wasted its trump cards. Busy, healthy, disciplined text, decent output. In each actor’s pocket, the keys to the right door. A fortified work, no swirling water running under it, has every impulse to advance. Ramadan is sad this year. “Adam’s Children” wipes out some of his sorrows. Rami Kossa is a good writer, his pen is confident, his characters are in the heart of the fire. It presents a text that has a soul, coherent, and does not suffer from amputation. Layth Hajo puts him in the hands of his camera. They “patch” the envelope and circumvent its curses, so they offer a delicious meal, with no burning, no plus and no deficiency. It is the Lebanese reality as it is, with the sins of its people and their scandalous faces, and the secrets of major issues related to influence, necks, destiny and deal. Lebanese politics in the papers of a Syrian writer and in front of the lens of a Syrian director, for its naked side, where adults devour the little ones and leave nothing but the bone, and where behind the masks are those who trample people without compassion, with cold nerves and smileys, and continue the path above their pains.
The acting is elegant, the cartoons dipped in guilt, and its consciences are tormented. “Children…

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