Abu Al-Dahab: Zamalek ordered me to ask my brother to “miss” a league match .. and I left because he refused


Mahmoud Abu El-Dahab, the former player of Al-Ahly and Zamalek, confirmed that he had left the ranks of Al-Abyad, after he refused to fulfill the technical staff’s order to ask his brother to miss the Al-Masry match in the General League.

Abu Al-Dahab said in statements to On Time Sport channel: “Zamalek would have faced Al-Masry with a fateful match for Al-Abyad and the achievement of the latter, and I was on the lists of all matches for Zamalek, except for this confrontation, as the technical staff excluded me.”

He added: “Before the match, my brother Mustafa Abu Al-Dahab, the Egyptian player at the time, decided to miss the meeting for Zamalek, and that I was a participant in the bribery process.”

He continued: “Mustafa Abu Al-Dahab managed to score the first goal for Al-Masry, and the match ended with a victory with two goals without a response, and then my brother Farah was over-bound, due to the pressures on him.”

He continued: “At that time, I celebrated with the Egyptian players by defeating the Zamalek teams, because I was in Port Said, and I knew that I had officially left Zamalek because of this meeting.”

He continued: “Abu Rujaila, the coach of Zamalek told me after the match (tell your brother, congratulations to you on the league), and the Egyptian did not get the league, this result only removed Zamalek from winning the title.”

And he went on: “The relationship of my departure from Zamalek to the match? Because they told me (say to your brother, Yesab Al-Mach), yes, one of the members of Zamalek told me that, specifically from the technical staff, and I told them it is impossible to ask him for that, and when I told him he told me, is it required of me to Do I erase my entire history? “

Mahmoud Abu El-Dahab concluded his statements saying: “I have already spoken to Mostafa Abu El-Dahab, and I said to him (You did not give up the match!), And he met those words with laughter, I was very young, I was only 20 years old.”

It is noteworthy that Effat Nassar, the former Zamalek player, had confirmed that the White Council had agreed with his Egyptian counterpart that the match should be in an amicable framework, and that there would be no strong rivalries or the like.

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