Abeer Neama and Usama Al-Rahbani meet for the first time in the song Heidi El-Din


Lebanese actor Abeer Nehme released her newest song, “Heidi El Deny”, during which she collaborated for the first time with musician Osama Rahbani.

Abeer, through the song, embodies an emotional human condition that expresses in one way or another the fluctuations that Lebanon and the world are currently experiencing.

Nima decided to share with her audience the clip, which was filmed only two days before the complete closure and quarantine due to Corona, during which she presented a message of hope in the circumstances the world is currently living in.

On her part, Abeer said: I wanted to send a positive message in these difficult days that we are going through. If the circumstances are difficult for us sometimes, but after hardship is easy, the will of life always triumphs and we are always on a date with a new dawn, and the artist cannot isolate his feelings from his surroundings His great need is to translate everything he lives and experiences through his works.

Abeer also expressed her happiness for her cooperation during the song with the Lebanese musician Osama Rahbani, and she said: I have waited a long time for this cooperation with Usama Al-Siddiq, and I have always felt the intellectual and human harmony that unites us. It is a unique artistic case, cooperating with a few voices, which makes the artistic encounter with him a special case.

While Osama Rahbani spoke about this cooperation, which he described as distinctive in itself, and he said: I am very keen on my choices, and I encouraged this cooperation because I am confident that Abeer will faithfully transmit my music and preserve its artistic value, as it is one of the rare important voices in the Arab world in terms of Power, Attendance, and Performance. An atmosphere of harmony, mutual trust and seriousness at work prevailed.

Nima sang during the song with the words of Ghadi Al Rahbani, whose words were described as smooth and simple and carry an existential state and a human dimension, while he took over the task of directing the clip Jill Al Ghobari, and was produced by Universal Music Mena Middle East, which launched its journey towards the world two years ago as the first Lebanese singer to contract With the International Production Company in the Arab world.

Abeer Neama is an artist and researcher in the musical sciences, and she was known for her introduction of the documentary series “Music of the Peoples”; a television experiment during which she toured for 4 years around the world to present a musical meal that brought together tourism, arts and culture, and her famous song “Wink” hijacked an award The best song in the Arab world within the Murex Awards.


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