A trend to cancel the 2021 edition of the Australian Open


The impact of a crisis appears to be a pandemic novel coronavirus “Covid-19” on underdeveloped sports will extend until next year, when the organizing committee recognized the championship Australia Open TennisThe first of the Grand Slams, that the 2021 version might face the risk of being canceled, in the worst possible scenario, but they confirmed that they were looking at a range of options in the hope of a fading crisis.

The pandemic of the new Corona virus «Covid-19» that caused the death of about a quarter of a million people around the world, led to almost complete paralysis in sport, and the suspension of yellow ball competitions from last March to at least July 13, including the cancellation of the English Wimbledon Championship, the third The Big Four, the French Roland Garros championship was postponed to September.

The organizers of the United States Championship, the last of the Grand Slams, will decide in mid-June whether or not Flushing Meadows will start on schedule in New York in August.

The inaugural championship for the season will be held in Melbourne from 18 to 31 January, after more than eight months, and the organizers said they will abide by any restrictions that will be applied at that time.

“We have never been afraid that we are studying some scenarios,” a spokeswoman for the organizing committee told AFP. “We hope for the best, but we are planning everything.”

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The options range from cancellation, quarantining foreign players, and only allowing Australian fans to attend the Grand Slam.”We have to consider all options because many of the decisions will be out of our control and related to government guidelines and restrictions, so we must have some ready protocols in order to ensure the safety of all,” she said.

Australia has succeeded in reducing the number of people infected with coronavirus, less than 7 thousand infections and less than 100 deaths, by imposing severe restrictions, especially the travel ban to the country for non-residents.

As talks began about opening borders with its neighbor New Zealand, which, like Australia, had succeeded in controlling the Covid-19 virus, officials said it could take several months before admission of non-resident arrivals.


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