A thousand mercy and light .. Abla Kamel mourns Hassan Hosni with poignant words


Abla Kamel mourned the able artist, Hassan Hosni, who died at dawn today following a heart attack at the age of 89.

The artist Abla Kamel tweeted through her personal Twitter account: A thousand mercy and a light upon you good people that God and to Him we shall return. “

The great artist Hassan Hosni died shortly before completing his 89th year after a great journey of giving, during which he spent his life in a large number of immortal roles.

For more than half a century, Hosni has provided nearly 200 films, in addition to dramas, TV shows and theater works.

Among his most prominent films are (Bus drivers), (Al-Massat), (Robber of Joy), (Aboud on the border), (The Fall of Baghdad), (Outside the law), (The dictator) and (On my dead body).

He was honored during the 41st session of the Cairo International Film Festival


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