A third violent blow from Bashar Al-Assad to his cousin Rami Makhlouf


Source: Arabic.Net – Fadel era

The head of the Syrian regime instructed the appointment of a judicial guard to manage the Syriatel telecommunications company owned by his cousin, Rami MakhloufInternationally punished businessman, in the context of the conflict that erupted between them, since the end of last year.

In the last hours, the Syrian regime had issued two decisions against Rami, the first to place a provisional seizure of his movable and immovable property and that of his wife and children, and the second to deprive Makhlouf of contracting with any party affiliated with the regime, for a period of five years, in response to the regime’s refusal to pay Makhlof what It was requested by the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority.

Immediately after the announcement of the precautionary seizure of his funds and his denial of contracting with any party affiliated with the regime, Makhlouf issued a statement, on Tuesday, revealing that the Assad regime had requested the court to appoint a judicial guard over the company “Syriatel”. Makhlouf said that this decision is an attempt to exclude him from the management of the said company.

He said: They want the company, and they only see control over it.

Makhlouf also mentioned that the central bank has now refused to deal with one of its institutions, after a decision was issued to deny it to contracting with any “public” entity in the country.

As he came closer to the threat, Makhlouf wrote a supplication at the end of his post, in which he said: “Show them your deed, oh God, it is time for him to appear, and it is for you. You said that God has men if they want, he wants.”

Complete exclusion

Social media has been the battlefield launched by Rami Makhlouf, since the end of last April, when he appeared three times in separate videos, at his expense on Facebook, in which he asked Assad to intervene to lift what he calls “injustice”, expressing his distrust of all About the lion, he said.

And the appointment of a judicial guard over “Syriatel” company is considered a complete exclusion of Rami Makhlouf from its presidency, in addition to the full control it means over all its activities. And he had previously stated in his last video, last Saturday, that the system requested the company’s board of directors to dismiss him. However, Makhlouf confirmed that he would not “abdicate” and refused to resign, after his brother resigned from the position of vice president of the company, and then Makhlouf appointed his son to succeed his brother, in the mentioned position.


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