A study that gives rise to terror. Cats pass on the infection of Corona among themselves … Does it transmit it to humans?


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The Associated Press reported, citing a study conducted by scientists from the University of Wisconsin that cats infected with the virus during a laboratory experiment managed to infect healthy cats with COVID-19, even if the sick animals did not show symptoms of infection.

During the experiment, the researchers transferred the Corona virus (taken from humans) to three cats. Then, both infected cats were placed with healthy ones. Five days later, coronavirus infection was identified in all three cats that were previously intact, and none of the six animals with COVID-19 had any apparent symptoms.

One of the study’s authors, an expert, said: “There was no sneezing or coughing, and they had no fever or low weight.

He continued: “If the owner of the animal looked at her … he would not have noticed it.”

Virus scientist called Peter Halfman. At the same time, to the current no-panic, he directed adherence to standards of hygiene issues – not to kiss animals and wipe surfaces at home.

According to the researchers, the result of this experiment proves the need to prove again the potential transmission of the virus from cats to humans. Meanwhile, the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) indicated in its statement that even if the animal was intentionally infected in the laboratory, this “does not mean that it will easily catch the same virus in vivo.”

Currently, there is no evidence of coronavirus’s ability to transmit from cats to humans, but animal cases have been reported. So, in early April, several tigers and lions at the Bronx Zoo in New York City were diagnosed with COVID-19.

In addition, Chinese scientists have detected coronavirus antibodies in 102 cats in Wuhan, China.


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