A Saudi surgeon succeeds in removing a brain tumor for a Kuwaiti girl in France


Source: Riyadh – Arabic. Net

The Saudi surgeon at the French Colmar City Hospital, Dr. Hani bin Talal Al-Juhani, succeeded in removing the brain tumor of a Gulf girl, who came to the French capital Paris to perform the operation at one of the most famous surgeons in the bottom of the skull, in the largest center of brain surgery, but he apologized in the last moments of Operation performed during this period due to the outbreak of the Corona pandemic.

Dr. Al-Juhani said in a statement to the Saudi Press Agency, “SPA”, that the story of this Kuwaiti girl started when she came through her embassy to the capital Paris to perform the operation in one of the famous hospitals, and after completing the checks and equipment in preparation for the operation, the French professor ultimately apologized for the outbreak of Corona in The country and the intensive care units are overwhelmed with the injured patients, although the girl’s condition is urgent due to the girl’s exposure to epilepsy.

Saudi surgeon Hani bin Talal al-Juhani
Saudi surgeon Hani bin Talal al-Juhani

He said: “The Kuwaiti Medical Attaché contacted a number of famous hospitals in France to help the girl to perform the operation and their requests were rejected, and her brother was able to communicate with me through a social networking site, and in turn the Kuwaiti Attaché contacted me directly in this regard, and immediately I offered The hospital where I work must perform the operation for her, but the hospital administration refused the request, because it is located in the most affected area in France with the Corona virus, and she repeated the request and repeated the hospital management for two weeks until the operation was approved. ”

And on the details of the operation, its accuracy and its seriousness, Dr. Al-Juhani stated that the operation is one of the very delicate and dangerous operations, indicating that the girl has a tumor at the bottom of the skull close to the blood vessels that supply the brain.

Saudi surgeon Hani bin Talal al-Juhani
Saudi surgeon Hani bin Talal al-Juhani

He added: After the operation that lasted 7 continuous hours on the microscope, the operation succeeded and the patient immediately after the operation moved all of her limbs, “and we took into account that she will stay in the hospital for 10 days, but after 4 days she left the hospital.”

“The operation is accurate … and the hospital is overwhelmed with Corona patients”

He stressed that this process is one of the most operations in which he faced great psychological pressure due to the difficulty of the situation and time, in addition to that he conducted it on his own responsibility amid the hospital’s refusal due to the accumulation of patients with coronavirus, which affected the clinical capacity in Colmar City Hospital, which is located in the most endemic areas With corona virus.

Dr. Al-Juhani drew attention to the fact that he conducted a week before this operation, as well, a delicate operation for a successful Emirati girl.

It is reported that Dr. Hani Al-Juhani is among the Saudi doctors who have documented the role and leadership of Saudi Arabia in humanitarian work abroad through the work of competencies from its children, along with their French colleagues, to combat the spread of the Corona virus.

Dr. Al-Juhani is a member of the teaching staff of the Qaseem University, and he dispatched from the university to complete the medical fellowship in neurosurgery in France, and began at the University Hospital Strasbourg, and moved after three years of the fellowship to Colmar Hospital.

For three years, Dr. Hani al-Juhani has been working as an accredited surgeon in France, and has a list of private patients and his own operations without any supervision. In light of the Corona crisis, emergency operations, whether bleeding, brain tumors, or vertebral fractures of those infected with the virus, are now being carried out after all programmed operations in the Grand East area to which Colmar is affiliated are stopped.


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