A Saudi artist pains his father and sister while he is in stone


Source: Arabic.Net – Maryam Al-Jaber

In letters full of pain, the Saudi artist Ibrahim Al-Hassawi tweeted, after he lost his father a few days after the death of his sister, and wrote on his account on Twitter saying: “On the third day of Ramadan, I lost my sister, may God have mercy on her, and today I lose my father, and the painful and painful I am in quarantine, right now I arrived yesterday night from the Emirates after an absence of 76 days, to be close to the father, but God’s will is above all, I could not attend the funeral of my sister, nor attend the funeral of my father’s funeral because of this pandemic.

Social media pioneers interacted with him, offering the artist a solace, calling on those who have mercy.

Al-Hassawi was present in the Emirates during the last period, and due to Corona’s procedures he was unable to return to Saudi Arabia, and he stayed there for 76 days.

It is worth noting that in this Ramadan season, the artist Al-Hassawi is referred to as the “Al-Shahd Al-Murr” series.


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