A revolution threatens the English league .. Tail clubs rebel! | sport


The British newspaper “Sun”, in a report published today, Thursday, that the Premier League landing crisis, ignited the situation completely, after entering the English Football Association on the current crisis line.
The three rear clubs, Norwich City, Aston Villa, and Bournemouth, had called for the landing of this season to be canceled, in order to agree to the “return project” plan, which is based on the resumption of the Premier League competition next June on neutral stadiums, in light of the virus crisis Corona emerging, as the only way to save this season.
The newspaper pointed out that the president of the English Federation Greg Clark warned the English League from any decision affecting the existing system of landing the last three clubs from the Premier League, and the rise of the first 3 clubs of the first division, the Permiership, and stressed that the system will remain the same even if all the twenty clubs voted in Primerligh to cancel landing.
In the same context, the newspaper “Daily Mail” said that the three clubs that occupy the last positions in the English Premier League, Norwich City, Aston Villa, and Bournemouth, received an implicit threat to land directly if the season does not resume, while emphasizing that completing the matches will be the best option for It has to survive by falling through its results, not through pressure that will not lead to anything.
The newspaper confirmed that there are other clubs involved in the rebellion against the relegation system, namely Brighton, West Ham United and Hatford, as well as being one of the clubs threatened with relegation this season.
The newspaper pointed out that the agenda of the Premier League clubs meeting, scheduled for next Monday, does not include a vote on the “return project”, but this vote can occur on some points of disagreement, without prejudice to the general system of the competition.
Source: Agencies


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