A real shot of Mansi from a scene embodied by Amir Karara in “The Choice”


The artist Amir Karara, who embodies the role of the martyr Colonel Arkan Harb Ahmed Mansi, appeared in more than one scene of the series “The Choice”, as he deals with the people of Sinai, and recommends the men of his battalion to respect, love and appreciate them.

The artist Amir Karara embodied more than a scene that represents the real reality of the martyr Mansi’s dealings with the people of Sinai, his respect and appreciation for them, and Karara appeared in one of the scenes distributing food support to the people of Sinai, a real scene that actually happened and is documented with pictures of the hero martyr Ahmed Mansi.

The real scene.

During the series

The series “The Choice” starring Amir Karara, Ahmed Al-Awadi, Dina Fouad, Sarah Adel, Dhiaa Abdel-Khaleq and a large number of artists, including Mohamed Imam, Aser Yassin, Mohamed Ragab, Iyad Nassar, Karim Mahmoud Abdel Aziz, Majed Al-Masry, Salah Abdullah, Karim Abdel-Khaliq, Mohamed Ezz, And Maha Nassar, written by Baher Dewidar and directed by Peter Mimi, and produced by “Synergy” Company.

“Lasagna” for breakfast in the manner of Dana Al-Halani


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