A player who violates the Corona protocol and hugging administratively saved his team’s life


Dimitri Nazarov, the second-class football club in the safety of Erzgebirge Oh, justified the violation of strict separation restrictions and the embrace of his team manager, by “saving our lives” from a traffic accident on their way to a match.

After scoring the winning goal in Nuremberg, the 30-year-old Azerbaijani player hugged the team’s manager, Thomas Romeky, who was also the driver of a bus that transported the team.

Nazarov told the MDR official: “I hope the German Bundesliga will turn a blind eye. I know this is not permissible and I hope they will show some humanity.”

Nazarov wanted to thank Röke for his quick reaction while he was driving the bus to Nuremberg.

He kept his cool when parts of a car that had an accident on the highway collided with the club bus and was able to stop it without damage.

“He saved our lives,” Nazarov said. “Who knows what would have happened if his reaction had not been quick? That is why the goal celebration was for him.”

The players were not injured as a result of what happened, but a driver and a second passenger in the car that was involved in the accident were taken to hospital with serious injuries.

The championships of the first and second grades resumed activity again last week after stopping for about two months due to the Corona virus.

According to the league’s health protocol, players are advised not to friction during the scoring celebration to avoid an outbreak of the Coruna virus, but the association has said it will not sanction those who forget to implement the protocol.

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