A new update for WhatsApp in the stories feature


During the past month, the instant messaging application # WhatsApp changed the “stories” feature for users, as the company reduced the duration of the status message that users post to just 15 seconds, but it appears that the company is now retracting this feature.

According to the latest report issued by the site WABetaInfo Specialized in tracking changes and features coming from “WhatsApp”, the latest beta version of the application on Android, which has version No. 2.20.166, re-supported the deployment up to 30 seconds as long status updates.

WABetaInfo said: “Change is available when updating to this beta, but it may also be released for older versions as a server-side update, and requires some time to be applied to every user, and the maximum posting of a short status message has been implemented for both iOS and Android, however, WABetaInfo reported the change back to just 30 seconds for Android, but the same should apply to iOS as well. ”

He states that when WhatsApp made the change to his platform, the company offered no reason for this, although it was speculated that it was being done to limit traffic to its servers, and just like the last time, this time also there is no explanation for going back on the plan.

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