A message from an Algerian player that attracts the attention of tennis stars


Young Algerian tennis player # Enas Ibo, who criticized the Austrian star # Dominic Thiame for not wanting to provide financial assistance to non-professional players in light of the “Covid-19” virus, got sympathy from veteran American Venus Williams and Australian Nick Kairius and promised the president of the country to support her career .

In a 9-minute video I posted on her Instagram account, world class 620 Ebo said: “Dear Dominic. How would my career be if I were you?”

Thiem, ranked third in the world, confirmed at the end of last April that he did not want to contribute to a mutual fund supported by world number one Novak Djokovic, the Spanish star Rafael Nadal and Swiss Roger Federer, in order to help players who are facing difficulties due to the outbreak of the Coruna virus.

“Frankly, I have to say that no player is striving to live, even the lowest-rated players. They will not starve,” Tim said.

He pointed out that his experience in competing in future courses “Future” proved to him that “many, many players do not give their efforts to their sport and do not live as professionals, and therefore I do not find any justification for giving these players money.”

He continued: “I prefer giving this aid to people or organizations who really need it. No one among us, the summit players, gave us anything, we had to struggle to reach the summit.”

In her response to Tim, Ebo, 21, explained the difficulty of life for an African player: “You know that in a country like mine, it is not easy for women to reach professionalism.”

She explained that Tim lived in a “magical world”, and while his parents were tennis coaches, “I grew up in a humble family with parents who have nothing to do with tennis.”

She continued: “We do not choose where we are born,” expressing her love for her parents and her regret that she was only able to see them a few times a year, because of the constant travel to participate in the courses. “I cherish a day when I will be able to afford to buy a gift for my father.”

The player, who earned only $ 27,825 as a result of her international participation, and $ 3,135 before suspending the current season’s matches, because of “Covid-19”, sees that, unlike Tim, she is unable to bear the expenses of a coach, physical, mental and auxiliary trainers, and she has always been concerned to save her travel expenses and obtain Entry visas.

According to the relevant press, Djokovic, the President of the Players Syndicate, proposed that the top 100 ranked singles in the twentieth in the doubles make a contribution according to their classification ($ 30,000 for the top five, up to $ 5,000 for those ranked between 51th and 100th globally).

“Lonely lady”

“I am a single lady who travels around the world and always searches for cheap tickets,” explains Ebo.

She listed all the obstacles she faced in its beginnings in Algeria: modest facilities, absence of trainers and international courses, absence of planning to build a professional march and “without any penny” from the state.

“Do you say shepherds? They have no presence in Algeria,” explains Ebo, who was ranked 23rd in the world for young women.

The men and women associations announced last week with the International Federation of the game and the four major tournaments to establish a “program to help players” as a result of the suspension of matches with a contribution of more than 6 million dollars.

Ebo and Summer Roland Garros twice and Australia, whose prizes are worth more than $ 23 million, have addressed “The help of players is help to save the game. We are not asking you anything but respect.”

While Tim, 26, did not respond to the Algerian letter and just posted pictures while exercising and helping an association to protect eagles in his country, Ebo got support from veteran American Venus Williams, who commented, “You are my hero”, while Kyrius, who previously criticized Tim, wrote “respect , Promising Aibo to support her after she thanked him.

After criticizing her country’s authorities, the government response came quickly, too.

Last Sunday, President Abdel Majid Taboun tweeted: “Algeria cannot waste a sporting talent like Enas Ibo, who is very young and a flower of giving, in a specialty that rarely gives birth to Algerians who excel in it. Soon, the Ministry of Youth and Sports will ensure your preoccupation. All my support, support and wishes for you. With success, God willing. ”

The daughter of the municipality of Staoueli in Algiers thanked him: “These words honor me, my dream is to crown the Cup of Roland Garros, Wimbledon and the United States. The Algerian people are the happiest in him. I hope you will give me all the capabilities to achieve this, God willing.”

On Monday, Sports Minister Syed Ali Khaldi wrote on Facebook that he contacted the isolated Aibo in Tunisia due to the Corona virus, and assured her, “The state is ready to accompany it and all the elite athletes and support them to achieve their aspirations and aspirations.”

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