A leading American scientist advises against relying on finding a vaccine for the Corona virus soon


(Reuters) – Governments should not count on the emergence of a successful Covid-19 vaccine soon when they make decisions on easing pandemic restrictions, a senior US scientist said on Wednesday.

William Hasselten, a leading researcher on cancer, AIDS and human genetics, said the best way to deal with the disease now is to control it through careful tracking of infection and following strict isolation procedures as it begins to spread.

Although a vaccine could be manufactured for Covid-19, Hasselten said, “I will not count on it.”

He said that vaccines previously made for other types of corona viruses have failed to protect the mucous membranes in the nose as the virus enters the body.

He added that even without effective treatment or vaccine, the virus can be controlled by identifying the infection, finding and isolating the people who have been exposed. He urged people to use gags, wash hands, cleanse surfaces, and keep separators.

He said that China and some other Asian countries have successfully followed this strategy, while the United States and others have not done their “compulsory isolation” of those who have been exposed to the virus.

He said China, South Korea and Taiwan did the best they could to stem the infection, while the United States, Russia and Brazil provided the worst.

Sameh Al-Khatib prepared for the Arab Newsletter – Edited by Moaz Abdulaziz


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