A fire during the filming of the series “2020” .. and Nadine Njeim: “Hey, Hoy!” (Video)


The director, Philip Asmar, posted through his account on “Instagram” a video showing a huge fire in a popular neighborhood in Beirut, where the team of the series “2020” will complete the filming after its performance was postponed until after the current month of Ramadan.

And the website “My Lady” quoted from its sources that what happened is a scene of burning a tent inside the series “2020”, which starring actress Nadine Nassib Najim alongside the Syrian actor Qusai Khouli. The burning of this tent was done under the supervision of technicians professionally.

Nadine Njeim commented on the video, saying: “Manih, come, let ‘s let it slip away some time ago.” “Tell me, let me see, look at the scene!

The series is likely to air in the coming winter season, or it may be postponed for Ramadan 2021 and change its name to “2021”.

And the series “2020” is the second that brings together Nadine Njeim and Qusai Khouli, after their great success last year in the series “Five and Text”, and the work produced by “Al-Sabah Media”, authored, script and dialogue by Nadine Jaber and directed by Philip Asmar, who also directed the series “Five and Text” “.


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