A family prepares breakfast for the needy every day in Ramadan


Source: Al-Ahsa- Ibrahim Al-Hussein

Chef Abeer was unable to stop working in the kitchen of a hotel in Al-Ahsa, eastern Saudi Arabia, due to the Corona crisis, until she met with her family in the kitchen, to give them daily lessons in folk food, to distribute to the needy, a breakfast for Ramadan.

Abeer Abdullah explained to Al Arabiya.net that working with the family is fun, each person has certain tasks that were pent-up, to finish the process of preparing meals before the call to prayer in Morocco, and we connect them to a number of homes that we know need to have iftar in Ramadan, and indicated that they diversify into foods so that their daughters have mastered International cuisine to be the right arm for them in preparing food, and an investment of talent with the crisis of Corona and curfews.

Abeer stressed, “We prepare daily dozens of meals as much as we can with some dates and milk to be a rich trip, taking care to wear health precautions to deliver healthy food in record time.”


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