A drug proven to be effective against HIV / AIDS …. every two months


The American Institutes of Health announced that an injection of a new test drug every eight weeks provides protection against the HIV virus that causes AIDS more effectively than daily tablets for preventive treatment before exposure (Prep), which previously revolutionized the prevention of this virus, according to what “Sky News” indicated.

These centers revealed the first results of a wide-ranging clinical trial, which was launched more than three years ago, in seven countries, including the United States, Brazil, Thailand and South Africa, on a drug called “Kaputegrafer”.

The study included the majority of transgender women under the age of thirty, who are among the groups most vulnerable to HIV infection, and another study is being conducted on women.

The only preventive drug currently officially approved is tablets called “preep” (pre-exposure prophylaxis) under the name “Truvada” and “Discovie” in the United States.

According to “Sky News”, people without HIV should take these tablets daily, which reduces their risk of contracting the virus by 99 percent, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

The new findings are based on follow-up to more than 4,500 people, according to “AFP.”

Half of these people received a bi-monthly injection of “capotigrapher” (with fake “prep” pills) while the other half got a fake injection (and actual prep tablets).

Despite this, 50 participants were infected with the HIV virus during the study period, but in varying numbers: 12 in the Cabotegraver group and 38 in the Trovada group.

This reflects a 69 percent greater efficacy of the injection than Truvada, which is one of the foundations of preventive policy, especially in the United States, where at least 200,000 people take these tablets, according to Gilliad laboratories.

Faced with these results, which were considered very positive, those involved in the clinical trial stopped the randomized test early in order for all participants to obtain the most effective means, i.e. injection.

Meanwhile, Kimberly Smith, director of research and development at Viv Healthcare (JSK Group), commented: “We are very satisfied with the results, not only because of the large effectiveness of Kaputegrafer, but also because we have demonstrated high efficacy in a study that appropriately represents the groups that are affected.” With HIV, much more than others. “


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