A dangerous study reveals how corona affected millions of people


Source: Arabic.net, agencies

A study conducted in one of the Covid-19 epidemics in Germany showed that an infected person out of five does not have any symptoms, and this explains the spread of infection among thousands without feeling from the person who has no symptoms.

A team of researchers at the University of Bonn conducted an in-depth study on patients in the city of Gangelt with a population of 11,000 in the Heinsberg region, one of the main hotbeds of the disease in Germany after the participation of an infected couple in a carnival.

The study, which was based on interviews and analyzes and included 919 people from 405 families, allowed the death rate to be determined. In Anglet, about 15% of the population was infected with the virus. The death rate among the injured was 0.37%.

“If we generalize the number to about 6,700 deaths related to Covid-19 in Germany, the total number of injured people is estimated to be about 1.8 million, which is ten times more than the total number of cases officially registered,” the study said.

“In Gangelt, no symptoms were seen in 22% of the injured,” she added.

“It appears that one out of every five infections comes without any symptoms, so it is believed that infected people who may pass the infection to others cannot be reliably diagnosed based on the known symptoms of the disease,” said doctor, Martin Exner, one of the authors of the study.

He believed that this aspect underscores the importance of respecting social separation and hygiene measures. The Heinsberg region became the focus of Covid-19 disease because of its carnival.


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