A condom company that monitors declining sex due to the epidemic crisis


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The head of the company said that the intimate meetings between the husbands decreased compared to the usual rate

The head of the company said that the intimate meetings between the husbands decreased compared to the usual rate

The head of the Reckitt Benckiser company, which owns the brand “Durex” for the production of condoms, said that the company has monitored the decline in the rate of sex due to the crisis of the Corona virus.

Laxman Narasimhan added that condom sales declined in most markets, including Britain, during the month of March, as the closing measures had limited opportunities for sexual activity.

He also said that intimate encounters between husbands decreased compared to the usual.

He added, “Intimate meetings have declined, and this is one of the manifestations of concern.”

The company, which has seen a strong increase in sales of other products such as antiseptics and cough syrups, has blamed “stay at home” policies and their impact on consumers.

Narasimhan said that the Italians and the British in particular were the least in terms of intimate meetings, although the opposite was true in China, which is witnessing the lifting of the closure measures.

He added: “We monitor the impact of the virus on the number of intimate encounters in Britain.”

People who do not live in the same house have not been allowed to meet since the closures began in Britain on March 23.

Those who establish new relationships were given a one-day period to decide whether to move together or isolate themselves separately.

Corona effect?

Experts predict that the year 2021 will witness an increase in the number of births, due to the opportunities imposed by compulsory isolation that lead couples to have children.

This opinion is based on the theory that birth rates are recording sharp growth after periods of national crises, as happened during the Second World War.

However, other experts objected to this view, arguing that the opposite was often the case after epidemics.

Reckitt Benckiser said it expects the demand for condoms to recover in the British market when the closure period ends, as happened in China after a decline in its markets.

The company was forced, last week, to warn consumers against the use of its antiseptics, especially after US President Donald Trump stated that it could be used to treat coronavirus infection.

The company, which owns brands including “Lisole”, “Dettol” and “Celette Bang”, said its products should not be used in an “injection, ingestion or any other way” method.

Trump later said his comments were “ridiculous.”

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