7 tournaments support Saudi Arabia to host the nations of Asia 2027



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The Saudi Football Association is counting on 7 previous tournaments in order to host a tournament Asian Nations Cup The year 2027.

The Saudi Football Association announced last February that it had applied to host the Asian Nations Cup in 2027, after the Asian Football Confederation announced that it would start receiving the files of the national associations wishing to organize the tournament.

7 previous championships

The Saudi newspaper, Al-Riyadiah, revealed some details that the Saudi Football Association will rely on in the file that will be presented to the AFC.

The newspaper pointed out that the officials of the Saudi Football Association are awaiting the hosting conditions that will be announced by the Continental Federation next July, in the light of which the actual work in preparing the file will start.

Officials of the Saudi Federation will attach to the hosting request file the files of Saudi Arabia’s success in hosting 7 previous championships.

Yasser Al-Mishal

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia hosted the Confederations Cup in 3 previous editions, the World Youth Cup in 1989, the Asian Youth Cup in 1986 and 2008, and the Asian Junior Cup in 1992.

Emirati and Chinese experience

On the other hand, the Saudi Football Association will study the UAE and Chinese files that have succeeded in obtaining the right to host the 2019 Asian Nations Cup and 2023.

The UAE hosted the 2019 Asian Nations Championship, while China hosted the 2023 Asian Nations Championship after it nominated separately after South Korea withdrew.

According to the newspaper, the Saudi Federation will discuss the files of the two countries to know their advantages and strengths in them and the latest findings.

Asian Nations Cup 2019

The file will also contain many other points, including the Saudi Federation’s vision of how to contribute to the development of the game.

The file will also include the benefits that will accrue to the Continental Union from this hosting, with a clarification of the infrastructure of stadiums, hotels, airports and all means of transportation.

The Asian Federation decided to extend the receipt of applications for nomination until June 30, after the previous date was on March 31, due to the spread of Corona virus.


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