60 seconds via “fast track” to detect the infection in Saudi Arabia


While the new Corona virus (Covid-19) is spreading rapidly, it requires speed in dealing with it, while taking preventive measures, which is what happens in the speed of the epidemiological investigation stages in Saudi Arabia.

All residents of Saudi Arabia can conduct a preliminary examination by applying the “appointment” set by the Ministry of Health, as it determines the answer of any person to a set of questions, if there is a possibility of infection and if he does not feel the symptoms of the virus, and if any, he is directed to the nearest sampling site.

One of these sites is the Duryia Hospital in the capital, Riyadh, which receives an average of 400 people per day, and in days of up to 800 people, via the fast track method, which is the paths for cars, or as you know «Drive Thru», where it was designated as a sampling site since March ) Past, and continues to do so without interruption.

Although the hospital did not fully start its work, it is available with wings and beds that are able to operate when needed, as it has been designated since the beginning of the “Corona” emerging as a site to confront the virus.

There are stages in taking samples from people to ensure non-mixing, and accomplishing them in the fastest time, as the first stage of sampling begins in the hospital, from the person’s data and information and the presence of a prior appointment, then it goes to the other stage, which is the sampling, during which the practitioners Health full protection precautions.

After sampling, it is placed in boxes designated for it, then it is sent to laboratories for examination, including the national laboratory, and command and control units in the Riyadh region.

The gatherers explained to Asharq Al-Awsat that the tracks are prepared for taking samples, saying that there are 4 basic benefits, the first of which is to reduce the mixing of patients with each other, as the samples are taken from people while they are in their cars, while the second is to reduce the equipment on-site to take the sample, including Air purifier, as it requires putting an air purifier in every room if you want to take samples from it, while it is not required in the open air.

They continued: The third benefit is speed, where the sample can be taken and the person left in less than a minute, while the fourth benefit is that the needs of health practitioners and the patient’s needs of medical masks, gloves, medical clothing and protective factors are needed less in the fast track.

It is noteworthy that Al-Duryia Hospital was the first hospital to deal with the virus, after it was established as a quarantine for Saudi students returning from China, at the beginning of February.


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