5 marketing tricks used by phone companies, pay attention to them


Source: Dubai – the Arab portal for technical news

Many of the marketing campaigns used by smart phone companies have proven to be highly deceptive, as different brands seek to attract consumer interest through a “goal that justifies the means” method in advertising their phones.

But what types of marketing tricks are common among smartphone manufacturers? How was it discovered?
Here are 5 marketing tricks used by smartphone companies that you should pay attention to:

1- Using professional camera images:

One of the most common marketing tricks is to use images taken with professional DSLR cameras to promote the power of smart phone cameras, as we find that Huawei has used this tactic several times in the past when promoting the power of its camera phones.

The most prominent of these images appeared when announcing the power of the Nova 3i phone camera in 2018, where it was discovered after one of the participants in the advertisement published the same image behind the scenes and it appeared that the captured image was actually taken with a professional camera and not the phone camera itself.

Samsung also made the same marketing trick when its Brazilian branch published photos from a site that provides free images and claimed that they were taken with the Galaxy A8 camera.

2- Misleading images compared to reality:

Smart phone manufacturers also use a tactic to display promotional images of their phones that do not apply to their phones in fact, and the most famous example of this is the Lenovo Z5 phone, when one of the company’s managers published a design of the phone with a full screen without edges, but it turned out that the real phone actually has big similar edges For iPhone.

3- Renaming smart phones:

It is considered one of the most controversial marketing tactics in the world of smartphones, where many smart phone manufacturers release different names for the same phone in different markets, and some Chinese companies are famous for relying on this marketing ploy.

This trick is usually used to save time and money instead of designing another phone again, in addition to some brands that do not find popularity in some other markets.

4- Promoting to attract attention:

In 2018, some of the manufacturers of smartphones began promoting a new version of their phones with a transparent background, where the user can see the internal parts of the phone, but it turned out later that it is just a marketing ploy to attract consumer attention only.

Where it was discovered that those parts that are seen with the naked eye are not the actual components that operate the phone, but what you see through the transparent back are unreal components and are intended for display only and cover the real electronic circuits below, and they are designed for aesthetic and marketing purposes only.

5- Exaggerated or unrealistic specifications:

A marketing ploy by almost all smartphone companies, where some companies manipulate the accuracy of their phone’s camera numbers, by promoting the specifications of an 8-megapixel camera, but in reality it is 5-megapixel, and some companies promote triple or quad cameras, but in reality they lack the technologies Or sensors that make it work as promoted.


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