5 La Liga players injured in Coruna


The Spanish Football Association (Liga) announced on Sunday that five new and second-class players have been confirmed with the emerging Corona virus (Covid-19), but they are in the final stage of the disease.

The association said in a statement, “Among the clubs in the Spanish league in the first and second degrees, five positive cases were discovered among the players, all of them without symptoms and in the last stage of the disease.”

She pointed out that all the players who were not named any of them did not show symptoms and they are now subject to isolation, to be examined during the next few days, to return to regular training again when it proves the negativity of the virus they have, according to the statement “La Liga”.

The players of the first and second levels this week re-started their individual training in club centers, after the government approved a gradual plan to lift the restrictions of total closure in four stages, including that for professional athletes, “opening the way for individual training and minimum exercises for professional associations”, and the presence of six Max players on the field.

According to the protocol laid out by La Liga, it will allow the exercises to be held in small groups with restrictions of social distance, before gradually increasing the number. The return to training is a first step on the way to the resumption of the hoped-for competitions next June.

The association insists that identifying injured players is part of the scheme.

“The aim of these tests, according to the” La Lega “protocol, is to return to training, and to the recommendations of the Supreme Sports Council and the Ministry of Health, it was to reveal who does not have symptoms, that is, those who are infected, but without without apparent symptoms, and who can transmit the infection to other people ( …) In this way, we guarantee the safety of everyone when competitions resume. “

The defending champions and leaders of the Barcelona team, before suspending the competitions in mid-March, returned to training on Friday, after nearly two months of pausing, while Real rivals are expected to follow suit tomorrow, Monday.

The medical protocol for training stipulated strict provisions that include how players arrive in training uniforms, and at specific times, to avoid mixing with others. They will have to wear masks and wear medical gloves, so that their temperatures are taken before entering the headquarters.

At the end of the training, they are presented with a new sports uniform bag for use on the following day, provided they take a shower in their homes and not at the training headquarters after the session.

The League has not yet officially announced the date for the tournament’s resumption, although Leganes coach Javier Aguirre revealed Friday that the proposed date is June 20.

This could be in line with the Spanish government’s program to reduce restrictions, which include allowing external events to move forward in its fourth and final phase, provided that the number of people present does not exceed 400.

League matches are likely to be held behind closed doors.

“These are exceptional circumstances, but we hope to play again in June and end the 2019-2020 season this summer,” association president Javier Tepas said Monday, adding that canceling the league “is not an option”, considering that this would cost the clubs nearly one billion euros.

The Spanish Federation confirmed on Wednesday that the third and fourth grades in Spain will not complete their season, provided that the promotion is determined through supplement matches, and there will be no drop to the lowest level.

Spain was one of the most affected countries in Europe with 26,621 deaths and more than 224,000 injuries as of May 10.


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