5 applications that must be installed in your new phone before using it


When acquiring a new phone, whether it is operating system (iOS) iOSOr, or Android, there are some applications that you must install first before you can do anything else.
Here are 5 apps that must be installed in your new phone before using it:

1- LastPass app:

Setting up a new device means entering a lot of passwords, and instead of relying on autofill in the Google Chrome or Apple Keychain browser, you must have a separate password manager app, and here the app can help you LastPass.
LastPass offers a free version that includes many of the features you will need, letting you create and store unlimited passwords on your phone.

In addition to storing other important information, such as: credit card numbers, encryption of all logins and other information, and synchronization through the cloud, so that you can access it from any other device through the applications or the browser.

Alternatives: 1Password And DashLane, And NordPass.

2- Authy application:

While browsing the internet, you may want to have a two-factor authentication app to protect your accounts on the Internet, although many password management apps support the (Two-factor authentication) 2FA, except that the application Authy Allows you to keep your passwords separate.

Alternatives: Google Authenticator And andOTP.

3- F-Secure Freedome app:

With so many spyware and identity theft online, we find that using a VPN app is essential to keep your identity confidential over the Internet, and the ease of using blocked services and sites in your area.

Thus you must secure your movement by using an application F-Secure Freedome, It is easy to use, works quietly, and does not consume a lot of phone resources.

Alternatives: NordVPN And ExpressVPN.

4- Tile application:

With the ease of losing little things, such as: keys and the phone, you must use a tool that enables you to find them easily, and you can use a tool Tile, Which comes with an application installed in your smartphone or tablet, and run to find your lost items easily.

Alternatives: Chipolo And MYNT.

5- Speedtest app:

It is considered an application Speedtest A very reliable way to test network speeds, which you can use to test the network speed of a smartphone or tablet, find the best times to download large files, and have a comfortable browsing experience at the times you choose.

Alternatives: Fast.com And OpenSignal.


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