4000 Android app leaks millions of passwords, phone numbers and chat messages


4000 Android applications

4000 Android application leaks millions of passwords A report from Comparitech Technology revealed that Firebase, owned by Google, which specializes in developing applications and using user databases, leaks sensitive information including passwords, phone numbers, and chat messages, and that this information can be found easily when Find it.
According to Forbes magazine, the research that the Comparitech Technology Corporation has found, that approximately 12,000 applications out of 155,000 applications are on the Google Play store, developed by the Firebase platform that discloses user data publicly when searching for it, and after checking the applications that leak Really sensitive data for users, it was found that this number is 4.282 applications.
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The leaked information revealed by the applications included more than 7 million email addresses, in addition to 7 million messages from chat and chat messages, 4.4 million usernames, more than a million passwords, and 5 million phone numbers. It is estimated that more than 1.5 million applications were using the Firebase platform via Android and iOS in March, and that there are more than 24,000 applications that contain errors in their composition making them leak information, and all of these applications are on the Google Play Store, and can be downloaded.
Google acquired the Firebase platform in 2014 and it is a platform that develops applications to add security factors to it as well as increase its speed and upgrading, and a large number of application developers use Firebase platform taking advantage of the database owned by the platform, which enables data storage easily and synchronize data between users.
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