3180 new accounts in Dubai market within 4 months


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3180 new accounts in the Dubai market during 4 months, today Sunday 3 May 2020 01:07 am


  • (Abu Dhabi – Rami Samih)

History: May 03, 2020

Brokerage firms operating in the Dubai Financial Market added some 3,180 accounts during the first 4 months of the year, an increase of 2% compared to about 3126 during the same period of 2019, according to Al Bayan monitoring. The number of new accounts during the last April was 757 compared to about 822 in April 2019.

BH Mubasher acquired the largest share with 90 accounts, while Abu Dhabi Islamic Securities came second with 85, followed by EFG Hermes – Emirates with 67, followed by Al-Ramz Capital 63.

The “Securities Securities” came fifth with 56 accounts, followed by “Emirates NBD Securities” 51, then “MENA Corp Financial Services” 48, “Sharjah Islamic Financial Services” 34 and “Abu Dhabi First Securities” 33.

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