17 positive cases in Jdeideh Al-Qataea – Akkar


The epidemiological situation rose in a disturbing form in the new town of Jdeideh – Al-Qayta ‘- Akkar, where the results of laboratory tests conducted by a medical and nursing team from St. George’s University Hospital revealed that 17 cases resulted in a positive result out of 124 samples taken, which arranged a case of general health alert In the governorate and at the level of the Ministry of Health.

And the Red Cross cars are transporting the infected cases in the new town of Jdeideh al-Qayta ‘, to the stone, at Abdullah Al-Rassi Governmental Hospital in Halba.

The doctor of bacterial diseases at the said hospital, Dr. H.H, was examined by the PCR, and its results were also positive, which necessitated taking samples for all the nursing staff and those who had contact with them.

Noting that the head of the Epidemiological Surveillance Department in the Ministry of Health, Dr. Nada Ghosn, will arrive at noon at the Halba Governmental Hospital to follow up on matters in the field.


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