17 cases of corona in Jadida al-Kita`a al-Akkari … complete isolation of the town and medical alert


The epidemiological situation rose alarmingly in Jdeidet al-Qayta ‘- Akkar, where the results of laboratory tests conducted by a medical and nursing team from Saint George Hospital University Hospital showed that 17 cases resulted in a positive result, and the examination is being re-examined, out of 124 samples taken, which necessitated a case of Public health alert in the governorate and at the level of the Ministry of Health, and Red Cross vehicles are now working to transfer the infected cases in the new town of Jadida al-Qayta ‘for stone in Abdullah Al-Rassi Governmental Hospital in Halba.

What is more worrisome is that the bacteriologist at the said hospital, Dr. JH, had a PCR examination and had a positive result as well, which necessitated taking samples for all the nursing staff and those who had contact with them.

It is worth noting that the head of the Epidemiological Surveillance Department at the Ministry of Health, Dr. Nada Ghosn, will arrive at the governmental hospital in Halba, at noon, to follow-up matters in the field.

For his part, the governor of Akkar, the lawyer Emad Al-Labaki, the concerned health authorities and all security leaders, is following the disturbing results that occurred in the new town of Jdeideh Al-Kaytaa, and 17 people were infected with the Coronavirus, including the director of one of the health clinics (p. A.) Deputy Mayor of Benin, who was closed today, and the process of determining In contact with all the injured, to impose rapid quarantine operations and start sterilizing places.

The army and all security forces embarked on a plan to completely isolate the new town of al-Qayta ‘and prohibit entry and exit from anyone.

While the Lebanese Red Cross completed the transfer of the wounded from the town to Abdullah Al-Rassi Governmental Hospital in Halba.

The director of the hospital, Mohamed Khadrin, stated that the results of the PCR examinations on the samples of all 19 doctors and nurses involved with Dr. JH, all of them, were negative.

At a time when work is under way on the stone of a number of people who are in contact with the aforementioned doctor in the town of Qobayat.

According to the new epidemiological data, the number of people infected in Akkar has increased from 61 cases to 79 cases so far.

This number will impose new and more serious mechanisms to impose the implementation of a health emergency plan.

In turn, the member of the Crisis Cell in Al-Qobayat, Khoury Naseem Qastoun, explained on his Facebook page, that “as a result of the confirmation of Dr. JH, a bacteriologist at Dr. Abdullah Al-Rassi Governmental Hospital with the Corona virus, she had also attended work in a hospital Our Lady of Peace in Kobayat last Thursday, which required the hospital administration to take the necessary measures in terms of preparing lists of those who have examined it and obliging all those involved in the preventive quarantine until the results of the PCR to which they will be assigned quickly appear.

He pointed out that a meeting of a crisis cell in the municipality of Al-Qubayat will be held this evening to take all the necessary measures, especially in terms of securing the PCR examinations for the stakeholders and others if possible, which is what the medical committee has been working on since the morning and is in constant contact with all the competent authorities, and also its meetings as the crisis cell meetings will remain open Given the new situation. “

He added: “Therefore, we ask everyone, until further notice, to avoid social mixing, stop visits altogether, and absolute commitment to putting masks when leaving the house and to avoid unnecessary exit.”

Fuchini as provided by Alice and Nadine Abdel Aziz


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