Zidane donates to Algeria to confront Corona


French football legend and current Real Madrid coach Zinedine Zidane, who owns Algerian origins, has donated medical equipment to Bejaia state hospitals, from which he is from.The Algerian state authorities said: The Zaidan Charitable Foundation donated medical equipment, including 5 resuscitation equipment, and detection and inspection devices, which will be transferred to the district hospitals, which alone counted 74 cases of the emerging coronavirus.

The move came to confirm the French star’s keenness to help his country of origin, to face the crisis of the spread of the virus, in a gesture to express his commitment to the principle of solidarity with his countrymen.

The local authorities of the state thanked the Algerian-born player for this valuable contribution, through contact with his father, Ismail Zaidan, director of the Zaidan Charitable Foundation.

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