Zanetti chooses the best between Baggio and Ronaldo


Javier Zanetti, former Inter Milan star and current club vice president, spoke of Roberto Baggio and phenomenon Ronaldo.

In a conversation on “Instagram” Zanetti said: “When phenomenon phenomenon Ronaldo arrived from Barcelona, ​​he was incredible, but if I had to say one name was the best, it would be Roberto Baggio.”

Zanetti added: “Baggio had the perfect balance between quality and passion. I like him very much, like everyone else.”

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And he added about his retirement from football as a player: “I wanted to decide when to stop and it should have happened when I was in good shape. I don’t want the last people’s memories to be bad memories for me.”

“When I suffered an Achilles tendon injury, I went back to the stadium, everyone hugged me in the dressing room, I realized I could go on, but maybe it was better to stop at the end of the season,” he said.


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