Zamalek star Ronaldo is the best striker against him in 96


“Ronaldo is the best striker of his football era and played against him in the 1996 Olympics against the Brazilian national team,” Amoniki added during his arrival as a guest on Zamalek’s program presented by Tariq Yahya on the Zamalek channel.
With the name Emmanuel Amoniki shining with Egyptian stadiums in the nineties of the last century in a golden period for Zamalek Club, the Nigerian jewel name was associated with one of the greatest generations in the club’s history, where he crowned him twice in the League and the African Champions League clubs and from there he moved to Sporting Lisbon and then to Barcelona.
Amoniki achieved many achievements with his country, as he contributed to Nigeria’s qualification for the 1994 World Cup final, and scored a fatal goal in which his country was awarded the gold medal of the 1996 Olympic Games, and was crowned with the “Eagles” in the 1994 African Nations Cup.
At the level of training, “Amoniki” has a good career as he led his country under 17 years by winning the World Cup in 2015, and he led Tanzania to qualify for the African Nations Cup held in Egypt last year, for the first time in the history of the Tanzanian team.

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