Zain Al-Abidin Tawfiq, anchor of Al-Jazeera, contracted the Corona virus


Zain Al-Abidin Tawfiq, a broadcaster for the Qatari network, Al-Jazeera, said that he is subject to home quarantine, after symptoms of the emerging coronavirus (Covid-19) appear on him.

“The symptoms of corona were mild and I am in a precaution until the test is fully recovered,” Tawfiq wrote on his account on the Twitter site.

He added that he will appear tomorrow on the Al-Jazeera screen in the “This Morning” program to talk about his experience with HIV infection, and will also conduct a live broadcast and dialogue on the “Al-Jazeera Net” website at seven in the evening Doha time.

A few days ago, Abdullah Al-Shami, the European Union’s correspondent for Al-Jazeera, announced that his wife had contracted the Corona virus, which is hitting the European continent severely. Al-Shami added in a tweet via his Twitter account, that his wife was transferred to the hospital in isolation until her tests are repeated and her health condition is known.

Early this week, Hossam El-Shorbagy, an announcer for the Brotherhood “Supplement” channel, announced that he had contracted the new Corona virus, with the possibility of his family infection with the same virus, and indicated that he would be subjected to a home quarantine for 14 days.


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