Your skill Your contribution “An Emirati initiative to combat Corona” – Sports – Emirates stadiums


The Emirates Professional Association announced the launch of a community initiative under the slogan “# Your skill_ Your contribution” to support the “Emirates Humanitarian Fund” to confront the new Corona virus “as a benefit 19”, believing in the importance of joining efforts and cooperation with all state institutions to reduce the repercussions of the virus on various sectors.

“Your skill_ your contribution” is a ten-day football fan challenge, by filming video clips showing ten ball control skills, and broadcasting it through social media pages with the association’s accounts flagged on various @AGLeague platforms, and on each clip The UAE Professional Association will make a financial contribution to the Emirates Humanitarian Fund.

The Association invited all of its followers to participate in this humanitarian initiative. It also addressed professional clubs to spread the challenge among its affiliates, and also invited them to contribute to the “Emirates Fund for Humanity”.

In this regard, Abdullah Nasser Al-Junaibi, President of the Emirates Professional League, said that the association is keen to participate in the community initiatives that take place in the country, to show the human side of football sport, it is not only a game, but rather a high message, so the involvement of all football lovers of all ages Nationalities in the humanitarian work that serve the community embodies the enhancement of cohesion between the initiatives organized by the state and the response of individuals with it to achieve the desired goals.

Al-Junaibi sent a message of thanks and gratitude to all the competent authorities in the state for their efforts to limit the spread of the new Corona virus, especially medical cadres and health workers who sacrifice their time and their families in order to provide security, health and safety,

Al-Junaibi added, “We organize this initiative in cooperation with the Emirates Red Crescent Authority, and we establish through it the importance of adhering to the directives of the competent authorities to stay at home, maintaining fitness through playing sports, then participating in a work through which the Association of Professionals provides financial contributions to the Emirates Nation Humanitarian Fund, So, it is one initiative, but it serves several goals and is in the interest of society, and I invite everyone to participate actively and actively in the initiative. “



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