You will see my husband when he wants to .. I am not skilled in cooking!


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Undoubtedly, the new Corona virus managed to change the lives of many and made them think about finding alternative ways to coexist with their new conditions in the shadow of the home quarantine, and among them, of course, the stars who spent most of their time traveling to hold parties and meetings and implement their obligations, including the Lebanese artist Myriam Fares.

Since the announcement of the cancellation of her parties and her stay at her home, the Lebanese artist has shared many of her videos with her followers telling them how to spend her time in the home quarantine, the last of which was yesterday when she participated in a meeting via “Skype” on the “Mina and Jar” program, which Through it, she confirmed that she had been committed to the domestic stone since February 22, noting that she had decided not to travel outside Lebanon and sat at home with her husband and son Jayden.

And what came in the Lebanese artist’s talk during her hosting the program, that she is happy in the domestic quarantine, especially since she wanted to buy time before the Corona virus, but now she feels that her life is good and she managed to do many things that she could not accomplish before.

Myriam explained that “she decided not to stay throughout the day by following the bad news related to Corona, in order not to enter into a stage of depression, and all she has to do with sterilization and cleaning at home is doing it and there is no need for any obsessive.”

While the interview did not contain the presenter’s question about when the audience will be able to see her husband in the media, the Lebanese artist replied that we will see him when he decides.

Myriam Fares had previously published a funny video of her baking in the kitchen with her son Jayden and preparing biscuits while her child was spreading flour.

And about that, Miriam indicated during the interview that she is not talented in cooking, as she said: “I am not talented in cooking, I only learned some foods 5 years ago, and before that, it took about 15 minutes to prepare the cake because we are in a hurry, while today we take Our time in the kitchen I and Jayden are having fun and playing, especially since at the age of 4 he loves to discover everything by himself. “

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