“World Health” resolves the controversy over the transfer of “delivery food” to Corona!


Al-Marsad newspaper: People are increasing the need for delivery services, “in light of the application of the closure to prevent the spread of Corona virus in several cities and countries around the world.”

In a short video on its Twitter account, the World Health Organization responded to a question about whether “food”, for example, that we order through the “delivery” service, transmits the infection?

Doctor Maha Talaat, the regional consultant at the World Organization, said that the Corona virus is not transmitted through food, stressing that for the food delivered through the delivery it is preferable to stay away from the person who brings the food by one and a half meters at least, then the food should be taken out, and the bags should be disposed directly, after which Wash your hands well, and eat what we asked for without panicking.

She explained that it is advisable to throw the delivery bags directly, not wash them or sterilize them, pointing out that for fruits or vegetables, it is sufficient to wash what we want to eat well.


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