Witness: Mona Zaki shares her audience with “Marmata” with her children


Egyptian actress Mona Zaki published a video via “Instagram”, during which she talked about her suffering with her children during the period of home quarantine.Mona said in the video: “The days are all of us sitting at home … and whoever has children who are wasted and stranded is not normal, because sitting in the house with the oldest children is lost, so the two young people are more bored than us.”

She added: “I just thought about how they could help me like I am hours by helping them with needs, I said I can work with them needs they love and share them in their needs … Because I also do not ask them for a need and need them help with me at home they do it easily .. they shine wood or shine a land Or play sports with me instead of doing a shower. ”

She concluded, “I hope all of you share your thoughts, spend your time with your children how.”

The sons of Mona Zaki appeared for the first time, “Younes and Selim” for the first time in the video, and was keen to hide their faces.

It is noteworthy that the artist Mona Zaki and the artist Ahmed Helmy were married on May 4, 2002, and the couple had their first daughter, “Li Li”, a year after their marriage, where she was born in 2003.

In 2014, they gave birth to their son Salim, and in 2016, they gave birth to their third child, Younis.

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