Witness: Fayrouz prays for us Worldly home


The able Lebanese artist “Fayrouz” broke her barrier, and appeared in a video she posted on her Twitter account, as she recited prayers from the Bible, and prayed to God for salvation to the world and escape from evil in the shadow of the Corona crisis.Fayrouz commented on the video: “O Lord, why do you stand far away … Why do you disappear in times of trouble … For my words, listen, O Lord, listen to my crying Listen to the voice of my prayers, my king and my God … Because I pray to you and direct my prayer towards you .. and wait.”

Fayrouz continued: “You relieve the people of peace and you light my lamp .. The Lord is my God enlightens my darkness. Had it not been for the Lord to help me, my soul would quickly inhabit the land of silence … At evening the night cried, and I chanted while I said in my reassurance, I will not be shaken forever … My heart”.

She added: “I sing and sing … give us help in the tribulation … the Lord in heaven is his throne … the Lord is in the form of his sanctifying eyes looking .. trust in him at all times O people .. God is a refuge for us.”

The Lebanese artist Fayrouz released her last album in 2017, after an absence of 7 years, and it was titled “In My Mind,” which came after her release of the song “Lamine”, whose release coincides with the anniversary of the death of her husband Assi Rahbani.

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