Without medication … a new way for Australian scientists to recover from HIV


Scientists at the University of Melbourne, Australia, confirmed that “Covid-19” or what is known as corona attacks the human body and tries to disrupt the work of the lungs, but the bodies that have good immunity, are able to combat it themselves without any drugs, and overcome it.

According to the journal Nature Medicine, Australian scientists made their findings based on their observations of some patients. For example, she came to a 47-year-old Australian citizen of China who is a resident of the Chinese city of Wuhan, and after a few days she was taken to hospital because she had symptoms of -19 ″, and the woman was examined with great care to show that she did not suffer from any diseases or bad health habits.

Then the doctors satisfied her by placing her under observation in the hospital, and injecting it intravenously with the solution necessary to maintain the water balance in the body, while not giving her any antibiotics or antiviral drugs, and the results were wonderful, as the woman likewise recovered completely two weeks after her admission to the hospital, with increasing cells The immune system in the body also happens when the body combats seasonal flu.

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According to the magazine “Novosti”, Dr. Catherine Kidzerska said: “The results of our study showed that although Covid-19 is caused by a new virus, we note that when healthy people previously recovered, a stable immune response, similar to that observed upon recovery from flu”.

The scientists pointed out that these cases cultivate hope and good optimism in our ability to confront and overcome Corona, and the last statistics of corona infection have reached 860,181 injuries and 42,345 deaths worldwide.

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