Within weeks … financial support for the employment of Saudis begins


Support ranging from 30% to 50% of the monthly wage for two years

Source: Riyadh – SPA

The Director General of the Human Resources Development Fund (Hadaf) in Saudi Arabia, Turki bin Abdullah Al-Ja’waini, confirmed that the “Employment Support” initiative supports the wages of Saudis and Saudi women in all establishments and jobs, without exception for those who were employed from the date of July 1, 2019, (retroactively), in addition To any upcoming employment, for a period of two years, according to the initiative’s rules.

Al-Ja’wini added, during the meeting held over the virtual network with businessmen, businesswomen and employees of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Jeddah, on “HRDF initiatives to support the private sector in the face of the economic effects of the Corona virus”, that the fund will start disbursing financial support to the facilities registered in the initiative, within weeks Coming, pointing out that the support will be directed to enterprises directly, to help them attract Saudi competencies and increase their stability.

Al-Jaweeni indicated that the registration of establishments in the initiative does not require visiting the branches, and is done through easy electronic steps by entering the initiative’s page in the national work portal (TAQAT) at the link: https://www.taqat.sa/web/guestemployer/employment-subsidy-program.

The Director General of Hadaf indicated that the initiative is going on for years to come, and aims to support 80,000 citizens and citizens working in 15,000 private sector establishments, and it is also one of the priorities on which the Fund works, in order to enable private sector enterprises and ensure their stability and develop their performance, in light of the economic situation The current exceptional, the impact of the effects of the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

The Director General of the Human Resources Development Fund (Hadaf) explained during the meeting that support for the initiative starts from 30% to 50% of the employee’s monthly wage for a period of two years, and includes those who were employed after the beginning of July 2019 (retroactively), as well as new and future employment, on The wage ranges between 4000 and 15,000 riyals, adding that the establishments will get an additional 10% support when hiring females, persons with disabilities, and when hiring in non-major cities, and in small and medium enterprises, for each of the categories mentioned, provided that the maximum support does not exceed 50 % Of the employee’s monthly wage, or 3,000 riyals, whichever is less.

The General Manager of the Fund reviewed several other initiatives presented by Hadaf to enable the private sector and national cadres, among them the initiative “Supporting Saudi and Saudi women working in the service of delivering applications through applications” with monthly support amounting to 3000 riyals, and training programs offered remotely via the electronic training platform Paths, as well as distance training for male and female leaders in the private sector through the Hadaf Leadership Academy.

Al-Ja’wini answered during the virtual meeting the inquiries and questions of businessmen, businesswomen and employees of the Chamber, about the fund’s initiatives and support for private sector enterprises, and the continued empowerment of national cadres.

The Deputy Director General for Employment Support, Ahmed Al-Mujaysh, and to support the training, Dr. Jumaa bin Hamed, participated in answering the inquiries received about the programs and initiatives of the Fund to support employment and training, confirming that the Fund will provide full support to the establishments based on effective strategic partnership with the private sector to enable it to resettle.


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