With video || Earth is on a date soon for a rare astronomical event .. so what will we see in the middle of this month


Astronomers have revealed, over the past few hours, that a very large comet called an “atlas” is approaching the Earth, which is expected to shine in its sky by the middle or end of this month, with the full assurance to scientists that it does not constitute any danger on Earth.

According to the British newspaper “Daily Mail”, the comet is currently making his way from the orbit of Mars, towards the sun, and its speed is increasing as he will approach the Earth in mid-April on his way to the sun, which is a huge comet five times the size of Jupiter and about half the size of the sun ”

The newspaper stressed that the comet, when it penetrates the inner solar system, will become one of the brightest objects in the night sky, and even since it was first discovered in December, the diameter of the invasive atmosphere surrounding the comet will swell to an amazing diameter, it could reach 447,387 miles.

At a time when the sun’s diameter is 865,370 miles, Jupiter’s diameter is 86,881 miles, and the Earth is 7,917 miles, according to the Austrian researcher who took pictures of the body, Michael Gagger: “An atlas will have a tail the same size as its atmosphere.”

It is worth noting that this comet was first discovered last December, and it does not pose any danger on Earth because even at the nearest point it will be more than 72 million miles away from the planet, but it will be very bright, so scientists considered it a “rare event”. , Where the last bright and visible comet without a telescope was seen in the northern hemisphere Hale-Bopp in 1997.


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