With the start of its fourth season show: 5 Information about “La Casa de Papel”


The fourth season of the Spanish series “La Casa de Papel” or “The Professor” started shortly after weeks of broadcasting the special promotion.Marking has been issued # LaCasaDePapel4 List of the most traded countries in a large number of countries, including Arab countries, in a reflection of the popularity of work. La Casa de Papel is the most watched non-English-language series in the history of Netflix.

According to work author Alex Peña, the last season “has the potential to pump some oxygen in this worrisome climate … The new season is a cruel journey to the extreme. I can promise the audience that he will not think of (Covid 19) while watching it” .

Here is some information that reflects the importance and popularity of this series for Netflix:

1. The new fourth season, consisting of 8 episodes, and its filming ended last summer.

2. A few months after the start of its first season in 2017, it turned into the most-watched series in a number of countries, including France, Italy, Argentina and Brazil, according to The Guardian.

3. The third season, which was shown last year, saw 44 million Netflix accounts, according to CNBC.

4. The series was supposed to consist of only two seasons, after it started showing on the Spanish channel “Antena 3” in 2017, but that year Netflix bought the international show rights and started the first season in December 2017.

5. After the first season show, Netflix revenue increased 43%, and its subscribers increased by 7 million.


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