With the participation of Engy Ali and Ibrahim Issa … the first awareness film from Corona (video)


A number of students of the Higher Institute of Drama in Egypt announced the release of a short movie entitled “Decision” to raise awareness of the emergence of the new Corona virus.

The heroine of the film, Aya Atef, said through her personal account on the social networking site “Facebook”: “We really worked hard in this movie more than anybody imagined … We filmed in very difficult circumstances … and everything was against us … but I was secure all the time.” By what we do … A simple idea that we and my friends who implemented it, and we presented it in the simplest way possible … I hope you receive and believe it, our costume … Thank you to all the stars who supported the idea of ​​being with us. ”

A number of artists and media professionals participated in the end of the film “Al-Qarar”. They are Engy Ali, Ibrahim Issa, Nida Sharara, Muhammad Ali Rizk, Yara Al-Jundi, Marwan Qadri, Jihan Abdullah, Amr Abdel Aziz, Sarah Al-Najjar and Mohamed Abdel Sayed.

“Al-Qarar” starring Aya Atef, Mai Abdel-Latif, Yasmine Khattab, Omar Sharif Badr, and Mohamed Kamel, Idea and Story of Aya Atef, filmed and directed by Amr Adam.

And the song’s song is titled “Carry Gossip”, which includes the lyrics of Aya Atef, the song and compositions of Islam Fahmy, and the distribution of Ahmed El-Melegy.

Corona spreads in the regions … What is the role of municipalities, how should they act and who monitors their work?


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