With stunning views of the Fifa Mountains … Learn about “the most beautiful stone in my house in Saudi Arabia” in the shadow of the Corona virus


Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – While many people around the world are waiting for life to return to normal, to get rid of the boredom of staying in homes, imposed by the global epidemic of the Corona virus, this does not apply to the owner of this charming look in Saudi Arabia.

Find out about the most beautiful house in Saudi Arabia
A breathtaking view in the Jazan region, in Fayfa Governorate, Saudi Arabia

The home stone, which is located in the far southeast of the Jazan region in the Saudi province of Fifa, was very popular on social media for its stunning natural look.

Speaking to CNN in Arabic, the owner of the house, who works as a public relations and media consultant in the Emirate of Jizan region, Ahmed Al-Fifi, said that the view of his house is one of the beautiful sites that is distinguished from others with views of the Fifa Mountains.

Find out about the most beautiful house in Saudi Arabia
The view of Ahmad Al-Fifi house on the mountains of Fifa Governorate, Jazan region, in southern Saudi Arabia

Jazan region is characterized by its various terrain, which includes mountains, plains, sea, and marine islands, according to Al-Fifi.

Al-Fifi indicated that his view is distinguished by its presence on the tops of the Fifa Mountains and is only 400 meters from the highest peak in Fifa, which is the summit of Al-Absiya.

Al-Fifi house overlooks the Afara forests, which are famous for juniper trees, Sidr trees, and wild olive trees. Some predators such as hyenas, foxes, and others live in it, he said.

Find out about the most beautiful house in Saudi Arabia
The view of Ahmad Al-Fifi house in the arms of nature in the Jazan region

As for the conditions of the Corona virus, Al-Fifi clarified that the situation was not very different for the inhabitants of mountainous and rural areas, as they are blessed with these enchanting scenes.

Al-Fifi practices his daily routine in planting terraces surrounding the house, which are planted with various types of trees, including orange trees, coffee trees, cranberries, cream, and papaya, in which the province of Fifa is famous for others, according to Al-Fifi.

Find out about the most beautiful house in Saudi Arabia
The window of Ahmed Al-Fifi’s house overlooking the Al-Fifa mountains

Al-Fifi also indicated that the region and the governorate were not particularly affected, as no cases of Corona virus infection were recorded in the governorate or in the neighboring governorates, thanks to the precautionary measures put in place by Saudi Arabia early.

Find out about the most beautiful house in Saudi Arabia
A shot of Ahmad Al-Fifi and his successor, a view of the houses scattered on the mountainous heights in Fifa

As for the story of the spread of pictures of his house appearance on social media, Al-Fifi clarified that he was sitting drinking afternoon coffee with his older son, Abdullah, when a friend, Muhammad Al-Amir, called him to ask him about his condition with the house stone in the Fifa Mountains.

Al-Fifi continued: “Then I asked my son to take a picture of me with the window and I sent it to him (Muhammad al-Amir), commenting,” This is our home stone. ”

His friend posted it through his own account on Twitter, expressing his admiration for the photo, to gain wide popularity on social media platforms.

Al-Fifi’s reactions exceeded expectations, as some Twitter users described Al-Hijr as “the most beautiful sight in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf.”


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