With a minute of mourning … Italy flaps its flags to console the families of the Corona victims and the medical staff


Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – Flags of Italy fluttered in the middle of the sari across the country, in an official gesture to support Corona victims and solidarity with medical personnel.

The Italian News Agency (ANSA) said that a minute of silence was called on Tuesday, to mourn the victims of the coronavirus, to express support for their families, and to show solidarity with health workers amid the emergency in which Italy is living.

And participated in the initiative launched by the mayors of Italian cities, national and local institutions and bodies, companies and news outlets, including the official news agency.

The flags were flown into the Italian parliament, the Prime Minister’s Office and the Italian President’s house. The Vatican also participated in the initiative.

Earlier Tuesday, the Civil Protection Agency said that 77,635 people are currently infected with Corona virus in Italy, an increase of 2,107 cases on Monday.

The agency added that 12,428 people died due to coronavirus in the country, after the death of 837 in the last hours. While he recovered 15729.


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