Windows 10 supports wireless file transfer with phones


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Company provided Microsoft An easy way to access files on Samsung smartphones on computers Windows 10, Which deepens year after year the partnership between Samsung and Microsoft, especially after the software giant, last month, allowed specific devices from Samsung to work with the copy and paste feature across the Windows 10 platform.

The software giant announced that users of Galaxy smartphones and tablets, such as (Galaxy S10) or (Galaxy S20), can now drag and drop files into Windows 10 computers via the updated version of the (Your Phone) application.

Although all types of files are supported, Microsoft says there are some limitations, as it is not possible to transfer more than 100 files at once, and the maximum size of each file can be 512MB, and the (Your Phone) application window should not be minimized during the file transfer; Because this will cancel the transfer.

This new feature works on all Samsung Galaxy devices included with version 1.5 or higher (Link to Windows) feature, which are linked to computers running the latest beta version of Windows 10 operating system.

According to Microsoft, wired connection is not necessary, but the two devices must be connected to the same wireless network, and the user needs after connecting his smartphone or tablet Galaxy class to a Windows 10 computer to open the (Your Phone) application from the computer and move to a screen the phone.

The user can then open the (Gallery) or (My Files) application, and press for a long time on the file until a check mark appears on it, and additional files can be selected if desired, and then long press again to enable the function of dragging and dropping, and pulling files after that And drop them in the desired location within the computer.

If the user wants to transfer files from the computer to the Samsung smartphone, then he needs to specify the files on the Windows 10 device, then drag them to the (Your Phone) application window, and all the files transferred from the computer to the phone are stored inside the Downloads folder in the unit Internal storage of the phone.

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