Will Fathi join the list of people transferred to the Pyramids brigade?


The past hours witnessed a 5-hour session between Ahmed Fathi, the Al-Ahly player, and the officials of the Red Castle, to persuade him to renew his contract with the team, amid unsuccessful procrastinations, and the player requested a 48-hour deadline to resolve his position, especially since he received an offer from Pyramids in exchange for a higher amount of money than the one offered by Al-Ahly.

It was not Ahmad Fathi The first player from Al-Ahly is close to moving to the celestial team, and has been preceded by many players, such as John Antoine, Abdullah Al-Saeed and Ahmed Hammoudi.

Ahmed Fathi requested 15 million pounds in the season, net out of taxes and away from the participation rate, meaning that he gets it in the season away from anything, which the Planning Committee admired, which confirmed to the player that it would present these conditions to the Ahli Board of Directors to decide on them, especially The committee assured him that he would be in the first category and would receive the money according to that higher category, but the player confirmed that he wanted to secure his future.

Close to the inside of the matter confirms that the player has a serious offer from the Pyramids Club, according to which he gets 16 million pounds free of taxes and the participation rate, which makes him speak with confidence with Al Ahly officials.

Abdullah Al-Saeed

In January 2019, Abdullah Al-Saeed, the former Al-Ahly player and Al-Ahly in Saudi Arabia, joined the Pyramids team, in a surprise to the Al-Ahly, especially that he participated on the same day in the Al-Ahmar match against his new team and scored a goal and another goal, after Al-Saeed scored with Al-Ahly 50 goals in 154 games.


Akrami is one of the main pillars in Al-Ahly after the long march he spent inside the walls of the Red Fort, which reaches 10 years, during which he presented a lot and achieved many championships with the team, but during the past weeks he confirmed that he moved to Pyramids, in a 3-year contract , After he refused to continue not to participate in the matches in the last period and to rely on him from the technical staff.

John folded

After Al-Saeed, Pyramids officials succeeded in including John Antoe, the former Al-Ahly player in the past summer transfers, coming from the clearing Egypt, after receiving his dispensation.

Antoi moved to Al-Ahly in 2015, and continued for two seasons. He participated with Al-Ahmar in 20 games and scored 3 goals, achieving 3 championships, which is the League Championship twice, and the Super Cup once.


Last September, the Contracting Department of Pyramids club succeeded in contracting with Ahmed Hammoudi, the former Al-Ahly player in the team, and Pyramids signed with Hammoudi in a free transfer deal after he ended his contract with the Red Castle to wear the Pyramids shirt.

Although the player moved to the heavenly team, but he did not participate with him, in light of the end of the number of his replacements, which means that they are unable to register Hammoudi to become without a club despite his signing of Pyramids.


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