Wich organizes a virtual seminar on mental health in an atmosphere of anxiety and turmoil


The World Innovation Summit for Healthcare “WISH” organized a virtual seminar on how to maintain mental health in the atmosphere of anxiety and disorder resulting from the spread of the Corona pandemic (Covid-19) as part of the new version of the “Discover Qatar Foundation” lectures, a platform that allows members Qatar Foundation by sharing and sharing their interests and experiences with others.

The seminar, in which mental health and mental health care experts from the international community participated in the WISH conference, talked about ways to avoid mental stress in the ongoing epidemic crisis, including reducing the time we spend watching newscasts, and being wary of fake news And the sources that lack credibility, which all lead to more anxiety and the use of social media to keep in touch taking into account the lack of excessive use and eagerness to engage in hobbies, in light of what the crisis imposed from the application of isolation measures that prevent mixing, which d Let everyone radically change their lifestyles.

In this context, Dr. Nicholas Bradshaw, Director of Partnerships and Communication at “WISH”, one of the Qatar Foundation’s global initiatives, stressed that what the world is currently experiencing may leave a disturbing feeling of not controlling life while receiving huge amounts of information.

He stressed that by implementing the required regular washing of hands, adherence to the rules of social separation, eating healthy food, and exercising, we can control health and psychological well-being.

Bradshaw talked about mental and psychological health and its role in promoting awareness, saying, “This epidemic may make us more vulnerable to mental and psychological health problems such as anxiety and depression than ever before. Although we all have homes, there is a kind of communication and some people feel depressed is Understood. Feelings of anxiety and depression can arise from life events, and what we are experiencing now is a life event for all of us. ”

He explained that things may not always go according to the plans laid down, and we have to trust ourselves .. pointing to the need to change the concepts known to us, because a person is not stuck in his home, but believes in him that he does not miss his friends, but rather protects them.


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