Why do sports stars resort to live broadcasting on social media?


Why do sports stars resort to live broadcasting on social media?

Live broadcast on social media has turned into an anti-quarantine treatment for sports stars who have found themselves isolated between their home walls, as activities have been interrupted by the Corona virus.

From French Real Madrid striker Karim Benzema to Brazilian legend Ronaldo, the defenseless has prompted many sports stars to reveal distinct personal aspects of their interaction with millions of followers.

Even the Spanish tennis star Rafael Nadal, who suffered two things to master the work on “Instagram”, showed his other side in a “live” confrontation with his Swiss rival Roger Federer, in which they dealt with the current situation and what can be presented to the game in light of the suspension of competitions.

“Since the competitions are suspended, the athletes are freed from the supervision of the media officer for their club (in team sports),” Boris Hilo, expert on digital strategies in sports, told Agence France-Presse.

He continued: “Therefore, there is a barrier that drops and strengthens direct contact with the fans: the athlete becomes the media responsible for himself, and he can talk about topics that we have not heard about before.”

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He said the lecturer at the University of “Caen Boris” Hilo that using this tool “many football players aim to appear differently from the wrong image of a man who is good at just kicking the ball, and show that they have a personality, a sense of humor and opinion.”

Another classic challenge facing TV programs now is competition from live broadcasts to social media platforms, which is especially popular with young people.

In this context, Hilo said: “Previously, the word athlete was heard only through the traditional press. Now, the situation has changed, once the tournament resumes, it will be interesting to know whether athletes will follow the same pace of meetings with the fans.”

Source: “AFP”


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